About mack

Hello users of the interweb. My name is Mackenzie Smith. I am a 22 year old artist from Vancouver, British Columbia. However, I as born in Los Angeles and spent four years in Halifax, Nova Scotia where I received my bachelor of Fine arts from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD). I am Currently living in Lancaster Pennsylvania where I am an Emerging Artist in Residence at Millersville university. This position which began in September and will end in May has been a great opportunity and one which has allowed me to move forward in my artistic practice within an academic setting. For the first time I am no longer the student but rather the teacher. This is a rewarding and exciting and challenging; something I hope to pursue throughout my life.

I went to college with the intension of working in clay. However, in my foundation year I was exposed to all sorts of different media – drawing, painting, film, photography. I discovered that not only do I love to work in these media but how closely they are linked to ceramics, how much they inform one another. I began to understand that my concepts and aesthetics are not bound to one material or process alone, that I am more excited about my work when a dialogue forms between different media, using them to express a concept and sensory experience to the viewer.

In June I will be moving to New York City where I will continue to make work, for the first in a non academic setting.



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